Repair & Returns Policy

This policy defines the conditions under which authorized Buyers of CNC-Servo-Motors may return products for warranty and non-warranty repair. This policy applies to eligible products sold by CNC-Servo-Motors. By requesting a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and returning the product or returning the product for repair shall be deemed Buyer’s acceptance of the Product Return & Repair Policy.


Return Material Authorization (RMA) - All CNC-Servo-Motors products for Repair & Return require a pre-approved RMA number.

Required Information – Buyer requesting warranty or non-warranty repair must complete all sections of the Return & Repair Request form.

Buyer’s Responsibility to Validate Warranty Time Period – Warranty claim must be received by CNC-Servo-Motors within the warranty period. Buyer is responsible for supplying purchasing information (original purchase order/invoice number & date issued) to permit CNC-Servo-Motors to determine the warranty period for the product. Warranty Exchange/Repair will not be issued if warranty time cannot be validated.

Exchange Purchase Order/Exchange Purchase Authorization – All warranty exchange requests are required to have an authorized & valid Buyer Exchange Purchase Order number or Exchange Purchase Authorization. Warranty Exchanges will not be issued without purchase order or purchase authorization documentation. Failed unit must be received within 15 days of Exchange Purchase Authorization.

Shipping & Handling – Buyer is responsible for properly packaging and shipping products for Return, Repair & Exchange.


Product Returned for Warranty Repair – All products are subject to the terms of their respective original Warranty Agreements. CNC-Servo-Motors shall make the final determination as to the application of warranty. Products requiring repair and found to be within Warranty will be repaired/replaced and returned without charge and freight prepaid at standard ground shipping (does not include customs and duties). CNC-Servo-Motors is not responsible for any loss or damage in transit.

Product Warranty Exchange – Buyers requiring exchange of warranted product will be invoiced for the cost of replacement product. Buyers will receive full credit for the replacement product if:

  • Defective Core product is returned within 30 days of receiving exchange replacement product;
  • Defective Core product is within warranty claim period;
  • Defective Core product was not misused, modified, neglected, improperly installed, was subject to excessive physical & electrical stress or operated under abnormal or improper environmental conditions;
  • Buyer provides pertinent diagnostic information to validate warranty.

Replacement Product Credit will be issued as follows to Buyers who meet all requirements for replacement product credit:

  • Buyers with pre-approved credit terms - CNC-Servo-Motors will issue a credit memo against previously invoiced product replacement cost;
  • Credit Card or cash Buyers – CNC-Servo-Motors will issue check refund.


  • Contact CNC-Servo-Motors at 855-545-7318 for RMA number;
  • Complete Request Form;
  • For Warranty Exchange, provide CNC-Servo-Motors with Purchase Order Number or Purchase Authorization;
  • Email form to;
  • Correctly package item to prevent shipping damages;
  • RMA number must be clearly listed on the shipping label, carton packing slip and customer document (or use provided preprinted self adhesive RMA stickers).

Ship all returns to:

RMA #####
100 Chaddick Drive Drive,
Wheeling, IL 60090
P: (847) 465-9060


All RMA claims will close 30 days from RMA issue date. Defective products not returned within 30 days from the exchange product shipping date, will not be eligible for credit after the exchange closing.

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